What is Xikila Money?

Xikila Money is an innovative offer that allows you to use your mobile phone as a digital wallet and always have "kumbu (money) in hand"! Allows you to turn your phone into a bank account and gives you complete freedom to make banking transactions conveniently and safely at any time of the day. It is a service provided by Banco Postal, S.A.

What are the products and services that Xikila Money offers?

Xikila Money offers the following products and services: Accounts Payable, Deposits and Withdrawals, Transfers between Xikila accounts to and from other banks, Shipping, Payment in merchants (PAGA AQUI - Pay Here), Payments through our Mobile Application, by SMS, from the Client Area of the Xikila Money website and in our Agencies, Kiosks or Agents, service providers (Energy, Mobile, Internet, etc).

What are the advantages of being a Xikila Money Client and opening an account?

It is very easy to have a bank account in Xikila Money, the opening takes a few minutes and the process is very simple!

Having a bank account has several benefits, for example for getting a job because many employers require bank account for the payment of salaries. But in addition, Xikila Money offers a set of exclusive products and services that meet people's daily financial needs at low prices.

Who can have an account with Xikila Money?

Any national individual who is over 18 years old (or less since emancipated), has any type of mobile phone (Smartphone or not) and any mobile operator. Foreign citizens may also have an account, provided they have an updated Resident Card or Work Visa.

What can I do to open my account and start using Xikila Money?

Step 1 - Register with a Xikila Money Agency, Kiosk or Agent;

Step 2 - Make a deposit into your Xikila account;

Step 3 - Start Trading!

What documents do I need to open an account with Xikila Money? What if you do not have documents?

To open a normal Xikila account you have to present your BI (Identity Card) and Tax Identification Number (NIF). However, if you do not keep these documents in mind, you will also be able to open a Xikila account, but it will have some restrictions in terms of balance limits and movements:
  • Customers who do not present a valid identification document will only have access to the Xikila account with account balance limit of up to AKZ 30,000 and an accumulated monthly limit of movements to credit in the account of up to AKZ 300,000;
  • Customers who present a valid identification document, without however presenting all the legal documentation required, will have access to a Xikila account with a balance limit on the account of up to AKZ 100,000 and with a cumulative monthly limit of movements on credit in the account up to AKZ 1,000,000;
  • Customers who submit all required documentation for account opening will have access to the Xikila account without any restrictions on their use.

What channels are available to use Xikila Money?

You can use Xikila Money in our Agencies, Kiosks ou Agents;

You can use your phone and make SMS transactions;

If you have a smartphone you can use the Xikila Application;

You can also enter our website www.xikilamoney.co.ao on your phone, tablet or computer, and access your Client Area.

What are the days of operation of the Agencies, Kiosks and Agents Xikila Money?

From Monday to Saturday (Monday to Friday, from 8am to 3:30 p.m. in the case of the Kiosks and from 8am to 4pm in the case of the Agencies, and Saturdays from 8am to 12pm for both). Some Agents operate at broader times through weekends. For more information, follow the link http://www.xikilamoney.co.ao/RedeAgentes.

Until what time can I make transactions through Xikila Money?

It depends on the channels you use, in the App or Web Portal for example, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

How do I download the Xikila Mobile Application?

The Xikila App is available for Android and IOS phones, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store respectively.

How to pay invoices?

If the service provider has an agreement with Xikila Money, payment of invoices will be available through payment in cash or from the account, in the Agencies, Kiosks and Agents, or from the account of the Client through the application Xikila, by the Web Portal Client Area or by SMS.

Do I need internet access for operations?

It is not necessary, since Xikila Money clients can carry out operations via SMS, and can also do in Agencies, Kiosks or Agents.

What happens if the mobile phone loses its network in the middle of an operation?

If your phone loses network or hangs up during an operation, it will be canceled.

Is it possible to validate the operations without the mobile phone or with it turned off?

No. To validate an operation it is necessary for the user to have his or her mobile phone with it and that it is connected.

Will I have costs for each message sent?

The messages sent are charged according to the tariff you have with your mobile operator.

Can I be a Customer without having a mobile number?

You can not, our accounts are underneath a phone number since it will become your account number.

How many accounts can be assigned a mobile number?

A mobile number can only be associated with an account.

Can I have more than one Xikila Money account?

No, you can not have more than one Xikila Money account.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

You do not need to deposit much money, you can deposit AKZ 2,000 or AKZ 1,000 for example, or even less.

Do I have to pay anything to use Xikila Money?

You do not pay anything for Opening and Maintenance of your Xikila account. To know how much you have to pay in the remaining operations, click on the link: http://www.xikilamoney.co.ao/en/precario.

Where can I deposit and what limits?

Cash deposits can be made in the following channels: Agencies, Kiosks and Agents, and the limits will depend on the account profile and the channel used; the limits by the account profile, are those of the answer to the question "What documents do I need to open an account in Xikila Money? What if you do not have documents? " For the channel for kiosks, the limit is AKZ 80,000 (Eighty Thousand Kwanzas) per day and for Kiosk, above this amount can be made in parts in the Kiosks or at once in an Agency.

Where and how do I withdraw from my account? Are there any daily limitations?

The surveys can be carried out in the following channels: Agencies, Kiosks or Agents. The amount will depend on the account profile and the channel used; the limits by the account profile, are those of the answer to the question "What documents do I need to open an account in Xikila Money? What if you do not have documents? " For the channel for kiosks, the limit is AKZ 40,000 (Forty Kwanzas) per day and for Kiosk, above this amount can be made in parts in the Kiosks or at once in an Agency.

Do I have to keep a minimum balance on my Xikila account?

No, you do not need to keep a minimum balance on your Xikila account.

Can I send money to a person who is not registered with Xikila Money?

Yes, you can send money to a person not registered in Xikila Money, just that you have the phone number of the same. After you make the transaction, a withdrawal code will be generated, which you will have to share with the beneficiary of the transfer so that the transfer can go to an Agency, Kiosk or Agent Xikila Money and raise the money.

Can I open a Joint Account?

No. There is no provision for joint accounts for the time being.

Can I receive my salary from Xikila Money? And is it possible for a company to pay its employees' wages for Xikila?

Yes, it is possible to receive the salary in the Xikila account, it is enough that the interested party gives their data of their account Xikila (Account number and / IBAN) the respective employer. It is also possible for a company to pay the salaries of all its employees through Xikila, conveniently from a computer, and employees will always receive an SMS (message) once the salary is in their accounts. To do so, interested companies should contact the Customer Support line by telephone (923167333 or 923167334) or by e-mail (support@xikilamoney.co.ao), expressing this interest.

Is my money secure on Xikila Money?

Your money is completely secure on Xikila Money! All operations are done with your mobile phone and have to be confirmed with your secret PIN code. Never share your secret PIN code with anyone!

Can another person do the lifting on my behalf?

Can not. The process of withdrawal is not transferable since it needs biometric authentication by the client.

If my account number is the same as my phone number, what happens if my phone is lost or stolen? Will I lose my bank account and, consequently, the amounts deposited in it?

No, the amounts are still available in the bank account, but there are a few steps to be taken:
  • The first step is to request the account lock in a Xikila Money Agency, Kiosk or Agent, or by calling the Customer Support Line (+244 923 167 333 and +244 923 167 334);
  • You should then request a 2nd SIM card from your mobile operator;
  • If you can not get the 2nd card and choose to buy a new number, you can request the exchange of the mobile phone number associated with the Xikila account.

How can I recover my account and my balance after the lock?

Just ask for the unlock at Xikila Money Agencies, Kiosks or Agents.

What are the risks of using your mobile number as an account number?

There are no risks associated with using your mobile phone number as your account number. Each account will also be assigned a secret PIN and a unique IBAN.

Do mobile operators have access to my account?

No, only the Bank has access to Customer data, and treats this data with the utmost confidentiality.

How do I track my daily account movements?

The Client can consult the account movements through SMS, the Xikila application for smartphones and the Web Portal (in the Client Area).

Will Xikila Money Customers have access to bank credit?

Yes, bank credit products specifically designed for the needs of Xikila Money Customers will be available.

Can the credit request also be made by telephone?

Yes, some credit requests may only be executed through Customer's mobile phone.

What is Network PAGA AQUI (Pay Here)?

PAGA AQUI (Pay Here) is the network of merchants, merchants and service providers adhering to the Xikila Money service and who accept your payments in your merchants through your Xikila account and using your mobile phone.

What is the difference between an Agent and a Merchant?

An Agent acts as correspondent bank of Banco Postal and makes available all the products and services of Xikila Money (account openings, deposits, withdrawals, etc.). The Merchant or PAY HERE makes available the Xikila Money system for its Customers to make the payments in Tik Xikila, through their Xikila accounts and using the mobile phone.

Which coins can be used through Xikila Money?

With Xikila Money you will only be able to trade in the national currency Kwanza.

As a Xikila Money Client, will I have access to a debit card, genre Multicaixa?

No, Xikila Money Customers use their mobile phone to perform their account operations.

Is it possible to make international transfers?

For now, Xikila Money only offers national transfers.

Can I trade in foreign currency?

For now, it is not possible to make international transfers through the account Xikila but it is possible to receive in the same; simply provide the respective IBAN of the account Xikila and Swift of our bank that is unique for all customers (POTAAOLU) to the sender.

Is the account in normal order also accessible through the mobile phone?

Yes. The normal account is accessible by mobile phone, through the App or Web Portal, in the Client Area.

Being a Xikila Client, can I pay in another TPA?

No. The Xikila Money service can only be made in Postal Bank's exclusive TPAs.

How many Xikila Money agencies are there and where are they located?

Xikila Money's expansion plan foresees reaching the whole country, but at the moment we have four branches, three in Luanda (ISUTIC - CTT's neighborhood, km 7 S / N, Valódia - Av. Comandante Valódia nº 194 and Prenda - Rua Comandante Arguelles nº146) and one in the province of Huambo (Av. Rei Wapojamba Catumbela S / N).

How many Xikila Money Kiosks exist and where are they located?

The Xikila Money expansion plan foresees in the first year the implementation of 200 kiosks, 150 in Luanda and 50 in Huambo. To know their location, click on this link: http://www.xikilamoney.co.ao/en/AgenciasQuiosques.

If there is a problem, what contacts can I use?

You can contact the Agencies, Kiosks, Agents and the Customer Service Helpline that runs from 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., every day including Sundays and holidays (+244 923 167 333 and +244 923 167 334, and e-mail apoio@xikilamoney.co.ao).

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