Xikila Account


  • Current account;
  • Minimum set-up amount of account 100 AOA;
  • It allows you to make deposits and withdrawals, and also pay for purchases for your day to day needs;
  • Pay your energy, TV and Internet bills and make transfers from your phone.

The costs:

There are no account maintenance fees. To find out the fees and expenses associated with other banking operations, please see the list of fees.


It is a deposit account to the Order, destined to Private Customers, that admits only one holder, over 18 years old (or less, since emancipated), national (or foreign, provided that he has resident status Or work visa) and that you have a mobile phone.

How to Sign-up?

To open a Xikila Account, just go to a Xikila Money Agency, Kiosk or Agent with your personal mobile phone.

Other questions:

What documents do I need to open an account?
At the account opening you must present your B.I (or other valid identification document) and your Tax ID (FIN). But if you do not have any of these documents, do not worry, your account will be opened anyway!

Do I need to bring a photocopy and a copy of these documents?
No. Your documents will be scanned and your photo will be taken when you open your account.


Whenever you have any questions, please contact our sales assistants or partners, or through the Customer Support line +244 923 167 333 and +244 923 167 334 or by email apoio@xikilamoney.co.ao.

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