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You want to send money to someone? No problem! With this option, you can send money to a Xikila client or even someone who does not have a bank account; Just have a cell phone! Send to an Agency, Kiosk or Agents Xikila Money, or if you are a customer Xikila, make from your mobile phone (SMS, through the application Xikila Money or your Customer Area, here in website). The beneficiary can withdraw money at any Xikila Money Agency, Kiosk or Agent. Once you receive the confirmation of the shipment, you only need to transmit the withdrawal code to the beneficiary, so that the beneficiary can present it at the time of withdrawal.

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More options for who is already client Xikila Money
If you are already a Xikila Money customer and you have received a shipment, you do not have to worry about raising money. Transfer to your account to the Order using the Xikila App or the Customer Area. Simply enter the Survey Code (which must be provided by the sender) in the requested field (“Remittances for Lifting”), and the money will automatically enter into your account.

Check all Xikila Money rates here.

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