Xikila Money SMS

Xikila Money SMS

With Xikila Money SMS you can consult your Balance or IBAN until you buy Balance for your phone or Internet, pay for your Television Service, etc., by sending a simple SMS.

How to use:

Just send an SMS to the number 40555 with the text that corresponds to the desired operation (see table below).


  • An easy-to-remember number.
  • No registration required.
  • Compatible with any mobile phone available.
  • Available 24 hours.

Fees & Charge:

  • Service fee (deduct from Xikila account): according the prevailing Table of Fee of Xikila Money.
  • Standard SMS fee will be applied by your mobile operator.
  • Messages received are free.

Useful information:

  • Save the number 40555 to your phone contacts.
  • Messages must be sent from your Xikila account mobile phone number.
  • To send messages, you must have a balance (voice or message) on your phone.
  • The texts should be written, preferably, in uppercase (capital letters).
  • The lowest available refills are from AKZ 1250 for Unitel and AKZ 200 for Movicel.
  • As long as you have Xikila, you can upload mobile phone numbers that are not Xikila clients.
  • Whenever the message text has more than one word, you must separate each word with a space.

User guide

Transaction SMS keywords* Message example
Balance enquiry S S
IBAN enquiry I I
Mini statement H H
Xikila to Xikila transfer T (space) NUMBER (space) AMOUNT T 9******** 500
Transfer to other banks P (space) IBAN (space) AMOUNT (space) NºIBAN of the Beneficiary* P IBAN 10000 999999999999999999099
Account to cash transfer E (space) NUMBER (space) AMOUNT E 9******** 500
Unitel prepaid recharge UTT P (space) UNITELVOZ (space) AMOUNT (space) NUMBER P UNITELVOZ 1250 9********
Unitel prepaid recharge Data P (space) UNITELNET (space) AMOUNT (space) NUMBER P UNITELNET 1250 9********
Unitel prepaid recharge SMS P (space) UNITELSMS (space) AMOUNT (space) NUMBER P UNITELSMS 500 9********
Unitel prepaid recharge (Voucher) P (space) UNITELREC (space) AMOUNT P UNITELREC 1250
Movicel prepaid recharge UTT (Voucher) P (space) MOVICELREC (space) AMOUNT P MOVICELREC 200
DSTV – bill payment Normal Service P (space) DSTVNOR (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P DSTVNOR 1650 99999999999
DSTV – bill payment HD PVR Service P (space) DSTVHDP (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P DSTVHDP 2950 99999999999
DSTV bill payment – Extra View service P (space) DSTVSEV (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P DSTVSEV 2950 99999999999
da DSTV – Box Office bill payment P (space) DSTVSBO (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P DSTVSBO 600 99999999999
ZAP Fácil bill payment P (space) ZAPFACIL (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P ZAPFACIL 1150 999999999999
ZAP Mini bill payment P (space) ZAPMINI (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P ZAPMINI 2200 999999999999
ZAP Max bill payment P (space) ZAPMAX (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P ZAPMAX 4400 999999999999
ZAP Premium bill payment P (space) ZAPPREMIUM (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P ZAPPREMIUM 8800 999999999999
ZAP Plus bill payment P (space) ZAPPLUS (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P ZAPPLUS 2200 999999999999
ZAP Filmes bill payment P (space) ZAPFILMES (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P ZAPFILMES 2200 999999999999
Zap service payment (Voucher) P (space) ZAPREC (space) AMOUNT P ZAPREC 2200
TV Cabo bill payment P (space) TVCABO (space) AMOUNT (space) CLIENTNº P TVCABO 1000 000999999

*After sending the message, you receive a call that you must answer and follow the instructions to enter your secret code.
40555. The number that offers you greater banking convenience!

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