Reasons to be a Xikila Money Customer


It is very easy to open a Xikila account and use our services on your mobile phone, or through our branches, kiosks and agents and pay for your purchases at our Xikila Money PAGA AQUI merchant network;


We want to be close to you, so we are setting up a wide network of branches, kiosks and agents, located in the neighbourhoods and markets both inside and outside the cities, and providing a set of useful services for you;

A New Approach

We have a range of products and services that suit your needs and allow you to manage your daily financial needs comfortably at a low cost;


Our branches, kiosks and agents have extended hours of service and also provide safe, easy-to-use innovative, digital solutions, such as Channel SMS, Mobile Applications and Web Portal;


Your money is always safe in the bank, even in situations where your mobile phone or device is lost or stolen. Each transaction is protected by the use of a secret code (PIN) and a robust technology platform that ensures that your money is always safe in our system. Your secret code (PIN) is personal and should never be shared with anyone, not even the bank.

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