Complaints / Suggestions

We aim to continue enhancing our services. Please help us to improve by sharing your concerns, comments and suggestions through the following channels:

Email: and
Hotline: +244 923 167 333 and +244 923 167 334
A complaints book or an electronic equivalent are available at the Xikila Money counters and service points.
Send letters in writing to:
Edifício Escom,
Rua Marechal Brós Tito
35/37, 16º Piso,
Kinaxixi | Luanda | Angola

When writing to us, please include your name, address and telephone contacts.
For complaints, whenever possible, please tell us also the counter or service desk and the date that the reported incident occured.
We will be happy to answer you.

You can also consult the Banking Consumer Guide.

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