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Banco Postal Guarantees

Banco Postal guarantees the security of its homebanking service


Banco Postal uses Hewlett Packard servers. Banco Postal systems have a security firewall installed.

Secure communications over the Internet

256-bit SSL Technology (for information encryption), which avoids the need for additional software in addition to your browser.

System Infrastructure

A monitoring team, which continuously analyses the system, access and operations.

Online Privacy Policy

Banco Postal guards the privacy of your information, not using or disclosing your details to any entity outside the Bank, for any commercial purpose.

Use of the Banco Postal name and logo

Banco Postal states that it cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its name, logo or address on schemes with the aim of defrauding the public. Users who see or receive questionable documentation that refers to Banco Postal, or allegedly stems from it, should immediately inform the police or seek advice from Banco Postal.

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